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Making the Most of Active-Duty Retirement Pay

Years before you hang up your uniform and leave active-duty military service, you will need to make a major decision about your retirement pay.

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Registration for Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Due to unwanted activity, access to the FAQs in the Resources Section, access has been changed to allow ONLY registered users. This is perhaps one of the best resources you will find about retiring from the military. So, if you want to use it, simply "Create an account" using the selection on the Login menu area.

Information on Traveling

There are a few questions & answers in the Resources section under the FAQ area about travel. At the following link Space-A, is a great article about using the USAF Space-A program.

What's New

Well, we just added two new items in the Event Section. One, is a listing for all of events scheduled around Centeral New York for Memorial Day. The other, is a list of companies that give a discount to Military families, retirees or veterans. Always check with the company first. And, most of the time you will have to ask for the discount.